Who is buried in YOUR basement?

When discussing cutter, I tell my clients all the time, just clean 1 drawer, 1 shelf, a junk-collecting bowl - anything.  Big or small.  And when you do, you will feel empowered, lighter, optimistic.  You will feel so good, the motivation and opportunities to continue magically appear and you will achieve de-cluttering greatness.  And that goes for me too. 

I just completed another small, yet highly satisfying purge project; not unlike the closet one I blogged about last week. This one, goes back, way back - like 40 years (ok, put the calculator away).

Growing up I was an avid reader. I always had my nose stuck in this or that book. My first ‘big book’?  "B is for Betsy".  That was a proud moment; it was a thick book with lots of pages – reading Betsy was like moving up a grade.   Bye-Bye Dr. Seuss.

Not long after I found "Nancy Drew, Girl Detective".  Oh, I loved, loved, loved Nancy Drew.  My mom will tell you that she wants to come back as an ‘ice skating girl detective that wears a ponytail’….I wonder if she is subconsciously channeling Nancy?    Anyhoo, I digress.

I checked many a Nancy Drew books out at the library.  Remember the yellow spines?  To this day, you can spot them a mile away in any library, bookstore or someone’s private collection. And the nostalgia of childhood hits full-force. Nancy Drew was the first book I ever bought for myself.   Buying it felt so decadent, so independent, and so grown-up!   All in all I collected about 20 Nancy Drew books.  

Inevitably, I matured and grew beyond Nancy.  However, I just couldn't bring myself to let her go.  She’s moved with me to many different homes and she’s resided in many different vessels over the years. Until yesterday, Nancy resided in a plastic tote.  She's been there for over 25 years, patiently waiting for a new home.   Every time I see that tote I feel a little guilty and a lot of pressure - what am I going to do with those books?   My beloved Nancy became anenergetic drain.

That all changed at Easter, I found her new home while I was visiting Suzie, one of my sassy, fellow bookworm, nieces.  Suzie was proudly showing me her recently re-decorated ‘big girl’ room when I spied them….the yellow spines, her Nancy Drew library!   We immediately launched into a discussion about our mutual love of Nancy.  

Almost shyly, I asked her if she would like my collection of books (assuming they weren't all duplicates - don't want to pass my clutter to her - bad juju!).  I was thrilled with her excited 'YES'!  She absolutely wanted my Nancy Drew books!   At that moment the clouds parted and the sun shined brightly.  It was a wonderful bonding moment.

Yesterday, I lovingly packed up Nancy. Tomorrow she leaves for her new home with Suzie in Manhattan, KS.  Best of all, Suzie is anxiously awaiting her arrival. It truly was a joyful moment.  

Some of my books had been passed down to me by adults who had also been Nancy Drew fans.  Talk about a cool legacy.  And what great chi!  Sending a much-loved collection, that no longer served me, to someone who will love and cherish them like I did – until it’s time for her to pass them on.   

Like I said, a small, yet hugely impactful and satisfying purge project. The box goes out tomorrow and I can’t wait!  Now, who wants my "Little House on the Prairie" books?  

Question for you:
What favorite things that brought you joy have now been passed on? Please share!  I would love to hear about them!