Is it ever too soon to Feng Shui?

"As soon as I move I'm going to have you come over and feng shui my new home!"

I hear that ALL the time.  Wonderful!  I would love to help you set up your future home for the bestest of happiness, love, career success and abundance.  I love that you are setting such clear intentions for your future life….. 

Wait, what?  You thought setting that intention now would impact your future in a positive way? I hate to break it to you, but no…waiting until you’re someplace “nicer” isn’t the best way to get to someplace nicer.  Why wait when you can start to achieve all of those things now?! 
Feng Shui for Starter Homes

Does this sound familiar?  
I don’t plan on living here long, so why spend time and money making it my own”? 
“I can live with it like it is until I move

That choice might be what keeps you in that space much longer than you expected.  Unfortunately, sometimes two years turns into ten and that’s when we start the conversation.  

It doesn’t matter where you live; it’s how you live while you are there
Your home is either supporting you and moving you forward in life or it’s holding you back.   How you live now has a direct impact on how quickly you do move to your dream space.  If your space is dirty, dusty, has scuffed walls, and wonky hanging draperies and is filled with things you don’t like – well, those are the types of experiences, opportunities, people you’ll attract.   If your space is clean, organized, freshly painted and full of your treasures then those are the types of opportunities, experiences and people you attract.   

Trust me when I tell you this is how it works; like attracts like.  And when saving up for a new home, you want to set yourself up to attract the best opportunities.
If you don’t take the time and create a living space you love it’s going to take much longer to get to that next new phase. This is feng shui.
Simple and Fast Feng Shui Tips
So, with that in mind and knowing the sooner you start loving on your current home the quicker you’ll get to your dream home, here are 4 tips to keep your energy up and your abundance flowing.
Avoid clutter
Clutter comes in many different flavors: dust & dirt, too much stuff, things you keep just in case (I’m keeping this ugly vase I hate, just in case I want it in my new home! Sound familiar?  That’s an energy drain – dump it!).  Among other things, clutter can slow down or clog the flow of money…definitely a killer when saving for a new home. Keep your home clean, organized and clutter-free.  This is a biggie.  
Bigger is not always better
Furniture should be proportionate to the room and not so big that it causes bottle necks in your space.  Nor should you have too much!  Just keep what works for the space.  You do not want to clog the flow of energy which translates to the flow of money. Cha ching!
Decorate with the things you love
Pull out the pictures and things that you love.  Surround yourself with your treasures, the things that make your heart sing. 
Paint your Walls!
Color is very subjective and what works for you might not work for someone else.  The colors you live in should inspire you.  Even if you are renting, paint is an inexpensive way to make a huge impact and it’s a small investment that can generate huge rewards.  Colors that inspire YOU will lift your personal energy by creating a warm and happy place to live.
The best thing you can do for yourself is feng shui the space you live in now.  Worst case scenario: you’ll create a calmer, happier, creative space for you and your family.  Sounds good to me!