Sometimes it's hard to believe I was in and out of the corporate world for the first 20 years of my career. True, at different times along the way, I found the courage to try on other hats—manager of a retail store, co-owner of a small furniture store, and (big shudder) 100% commission sales junkie. Each time though the safety of the corporate world lured me back. 

But something unexpected happened along the way.

I discovered this thing call Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway). Even though I had no idea what it was, I instantly connected with the words.

My sister-in-law Suzie introduced me to my first Feng Shui consultant and I was forever hooked. I had consultants Feng Shui my house and my business. I even had them Feng Shui my cubicle!



I read books. Watched videos. Took classes. Started feng shui’ing by myself. My home. My corporate cube. My friends' cubes. My friends' houses.  

I became obsessed.  

Feng Shui wasn't a concept found in my very traditional mid-west upbringing. In fact it took me several years to even consider Feng Shui as something I could offer professionally to other people. May 2010 changed everything.  

At that time my career journey took a turn and I decided it was time to explore Feng Shui at a deeper level. Taking a deep breath, I enrolled in a certification course. I haven’t looked back.

Ever since I’ve been helping people change their lives, one house and one office at a time.


"True confession time: I’m a Robyn junkie. She walked my two teenagers and I through our space and provided keen insight to the things she saw that might be holding us back. She followed up and encouraged me to do what I could to make small changes. My kids adore her and my daughter still remembers the advice Robyn gave her about making her bedroom the best space it could be.
I’ve seen amazing things happen after working with Robyn. Here’s one example: she paid special attention to the entryway of my home and encouraged me to make sure my door was shiny clean (I have a screen door with a glass pane). She also encouraged me to refresh the paint and to de-clutter the area.
I cleaned the door, picked up the extra shoes that didn’t belong, and went to the store to have paint matched. While I was waiting, my phone rang: it was a business acquaintance looking for a writer. That acquaintance became a client.
I could go on—really, I could—because Robyn has had such an incredible impact on my life."

Lisa A., Olathe, kS