When you integrate Feng Shui principles into your life and combine them with the power of intention and action, YOU have the power to change your circumstances. Changes can be big or small, immediate or down the road. Regardless, change will happen.



The majority of my clients start with a home consultation, because what is closest to you has the most impact and effects your life inside and outside your home. Together, we walk through your home and look for the environmental clues that could be showing up in your life and causing you heartburn. I help you make the connection between what is in your home and how it shows up in your life. >LEARN MORE



Do your employees treat you more like a co-worker than a boss?  Does it feel like more money is going out the door than is coming in?  Do you struggle to hit your deadlines?  Would it surprise you to learn that your work space has a direct impact on all of these challenges and more?  Often, a Feng Shui consultation is all that is needed to make positive shifts in your business. >LEARN MORE


"I can't remember the exact date when Robyn first came to "do" my office space, but my recollection is that ever since my business has blossomed. I remember feeling so empowered after Robyn left that I wanted her to come back and "do" the rest of our house.
Robyn affirmed much of our home had great energy and we had good things going for us. On the flip side, she suggested edits to improve areas of our home based on the bagua map that were concrete and simple. When I made the edits, like establishing more clear boundaries in our landscaping beds outside with intention of establishing more clear boundaries with my clients, the results were immediate and profound. I suddenly seemed to have the words and confidence to protect my family time through established boundaries."

Megan I., Lenexa, KS