Did you know most of us spend more than half of our lives at work—whether we work for someone or work for ourselves?

It's true. Many of us spend more than half of our waking hours at the office. And today, the definition of office has changed. You might find yourself working in a home office, a corporate office, a corporate cube, an office in the back of your retail shop, a local coffee shop, your kitchen table, and more.

What does your office say about you?

You might not realize it, but your office is either supporting your career or it's holding it back. Take a look at yours. Which is it?  

I am often asked two questions about a business consult: who actually hires me to Feng Shui their office and/or business and what doe it look like?


Lots of people and types of businesses, actually. I’ve Feng Shui’d everything from high-end jewelry stores to motorcycle distributors, restaurants to yoga studios, fortune 500 companies to the home office.  


Since no two offices are alike, neither is a business Feng Shui consultation. It could be as simple as reviewing the space and making Feng Shui recommendations. It might require something more in-depth like de-cluttering and cleaning. Regardless, I tailor your consultation to fit you, your needs and goals.

Many small retailers, for example, could be enhancing customer experience and ensuring customer retention, both of which can significantly increase sales, just by paying attention to their Feng Shui.

No matter where you set down your computer (or laptop), your office should feel as good to you as your home does. If it doesn't or your career feels stagnant, it’s time to reboot your business or career—or both!

Investment: $119 per hour


"My career had always gone well but it felt stagnate. Robyn came to my office, we moved a few things, took a few things out, and brought a few new things in. My team, peers and boss all noticed an immediate difference in how my office ‘felt’. Six weeks later my boss stated he saw a big difference in me and my work. That was GREAT but the bonus is how I felt and still feel at work—balanced and calm."

—Heather H., Leawood, KS