It all starts with your home. When you live in a home that makes you happy, you are much more likely to attract a happy, healthy and prosperous life.  

Each Feng Shui consultation is unique to my client.  And although it can be a very personal and intimate experience, I fill our time together with laughter, insight and action.  Don’t kid yourself. Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it’s not going to be impactful.

Each consultation except the Quick Hit includes a Pre-Consult Questionnaire, Floor-plan Review, and Pre-Consult Phone Call. 

Ready to begin? Choose from any of the packages below and let's go!


90 Minute Hands-On Consultation + 30 Minute Wrap-Up and Review + Q&A

Because it can be like getting information from a fire hose, we will focus on two areas of your life/space that reveal themselves during our pre-consult time together. This package is perfect for the DIYer who just needs the instructions and is off on their own to make the adjustments discussed during the consult. Includes a Feng Shui Journal.

Investment: $279



Feng Shui 101 + Salt Burn Energy Clearing + Home Blessing + Two Week Status Check

This package is for you if you like to have a moment of accountability to make sure you are getting it done and clarify anything still pending.  The Status Check is a 30 minute video check-in (scheduled during consultation), during which we will review your list, what you’ve done, answer any questions and provide clarifications. Includes a Feng Shui Journal.

Investment: $389



Feng Shui 102 + Follow Up Visit + Materials

This package is perfect if you like the accountability of Tier 2 and want some help working on your list. Before I leave we schedule the check-in call (2 weeks after initial visit) and a 90 minute return appointment to fine-tune, address and install any uncompleted adjustment recommendations.

Includes a Feng Shui Journal and Feng Shui Starter Kit ($35 value).

Investment: $599



Is working out of your home harder than you thought it would be?  Chances are, it’s your office space and we can fix that!

Each 90-minute office consultation has different requirements.  Based on your needs, we may be moving furniture, moving items (or removing items!) installing adjustments or a combination of things.  It’s all about your space.  During this time we do what we can to make sure that your office is arranged to support you and your business.

Investment: $179

Travel fees may apply to any in-person consultations, dependent upon location.



30 Minute Video or Phone Consult

Perfect if you have a quick question or want me to review your floor plan.

Investment: $69


"Robyn is unfailingly positive, upbeat and fun. I have learned how the energy is flowing in our home affects not only my husband and I, but even our grown children, grandchildren, and friends.
Since I’ve been implementing Robyn’s suggestions for Feng Shui cures and enhancements—first in our apartment and now in our house—so much has improved in our lives. I see a direct correlation between the changes/enhancements/cures made and the area of life they affect.
We feel supported in our life now, financially, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Our marriage has improved. Our grown children are pursuing lives authentically expressing their true selves. Even our grandchildren are thriving. Thank you Robyn!"

Holly D., KS