Plastic cards, they breed like bunnies!

I cannot bring myself to throw away those very popular plastic cards; you know the ones – gift cards, reward cards, hotel keys, poker cut cards (maybe that one is just me).  I have a stack of expired, out-dated, no-longer-relevant plastic cards.   Most curbside recycling programs do not accept these little guys. And so, the stack just grows and grows, waiting for a new home.

And there you have it – another category of feng shui clutter that has become an energy-drain. 

My cards fall into a couple of categories; reward cards and gift cards.  Let me break ‘em up and give you my solutions.

Reward Cards
Everywhere we shop these days you can now sign up for some type of rewards program.   Should you want to participate; these can be completely worth it.  Free drinks, discounts, private sales, etc.  However, carrying and managing all of these cards is-a-pain-in-the-tush!  I’m not an app girl, but I do use and am loyal to one – Key Ring.  This awesome little treasure allows you to scan all of those cards into your phone.  AND! Many of the retailers link any discounts they are running.  Easy as can be to pull it up and use while waiting in line.  Typically the bar-code is just scanned at the counter.  Cards are in the phone – now I've just got a pile of reward cards needing to go bye-bye.

Gift Cards
I love receiving gift cards; thank you to everyone who has ever given me one!  I joyfully and gratefully accept them!   And now it’s empty…another card to add to my stack.  My friend Analeyah of Balance to Succeed had a great idea!  Where it makes sense, put 5 bucks on the now empty card and give it away!  Pay it forward.  Talk about generating good juju.

When all is said and done though I've still got that big stack of cards.  

Guess what I discovered while I was at BestBuy yesterday? A great little recycling center right as you walk into the store!  And guess what they accept?  Ding, ding, ding!  You got it!  GIFT CARDS!!!  And wait, there is more!  They also accept CD’s, CD cases, cables, rechargeable batteries, ink & toner cartridges and remote controls. It’s located right inside the front doors.  

Who knew?!

I piled up a box full of stuff that I couldn't throw away but no longer needed (careful..this mindset is where hoarding can start). Ten minutes later they were in a recycling bin and ready for their next life.  Easy peasy!

What non-curb-side recycling resources do you swear by?  Share here. Inquiring minds want to know!