Spring Clean Your Closet to Good Feng Shui.

It’s springtime! And with that, one of my favorite springtime activities is upon us: spring cleaning our closets!  

No, really. I love it. Not only is cleaning out a closet therapeutic, but it is also excellent feng shui. As a dedicated purger, I love to make donations of gently used goods to local organizations.  

Clothes have always been a different story though. Sadly, due to some purchasing missteps, I have many clothes that are better than “gently used". They are like new, so dumping them in a black trash bag somewhere has felt bad mannered.

In the past, I've tried to consign my clothing mishaps to recoup some of my hard earned money. The challenge, though, has been making sure I hit the right season with the right clothes. Inevitably, I've ended up with a stack of out-of-season clothing that didn't make it to the consignment store at the right time. 

This past week as I staring at a pile of out-of-season clothing ready to be re-purposed, I pondered that oh-so familiar question, "Now what?" Did I let the clothes hang around until the consignment store is accepting that season? Did I let them taunt me because they no longer fit?  Mock me because it was money ill-spent?  Most importantly, did I let them take up valuable real estate in my closet? And, really... did I honestly think I will recoup enough money to make it worth hanging on to them for yet another season?  I realized it was time to measure the energetic drain of keeping the clothes in my closet against the potential money to be made. Frankly, it didn't compute. 

After a short search I found a fabulous solution. Prior Attire is a feel-good-resale shop that recycles gently used clothing, accessories and home decor to raise money for local nonprofit organizations. To date they've donated over $115,000 locally. A small business that makes a big impact. Love it.

What did this solution mean pragmatically? No bad mannered black trash bags! No more storing seasonally incorrect, make-me-feel-bad clothes. No more guilt!

After finding Prior Attire online, I finished cleaning out my closet, neatly organized everything in it—regardless of season!—and dropped off my purged clothes three hours after I started. Three hours. 

The bonus? I felt great as I drove away.  Lighter. Empowered. Giving. I highly recommend it.

Note:  Prior Attire is no longer in business.  However for those in the Kansas City area looking for a clothing donation solution, I've got just the spot:
Top Shelf benefiting Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care

Happy Spring Closet Cleaning!