Ask for what want through your Artwork

When placed with intention, artwork is an easy and powerful way to bring good energy into your home.  Word of caution - if you aren't paying attention, the subject matter can easily work against you.
Consider your artwork to be ‘an order form to the universe’ as my girlfriend says.  You display it and the universe does it’s best to provide.
Following are a couple of examples my clients have graciously allowed me to share with you.
All the Single Ladies
For some inexplicable reason, single women tend to surround themselves with images of single women. I mean, lots of them!  My client wanted to be in a healthy, happy and committed relationship.  The art in her bedroom told a different story.  She had 10+ images of single, lonely and sometimes, scary women!  

Instead of partnership, the artwork was perpetuating the energy of being a single woman.  

We removed all images of single women and replaced them with artwork she owned better suited to the bedroom; a loving couple and images of hearts. Within a week she received an unexpected call from a friend of a friend for coffee date. 

Almost immediately, the energy began to shift.
Let your artwork do the talking
Art with quotes/sayings are a huge trend right now.  Thankfully, most are positive.  Please avoid those that are negative and/or mean-spirited. You don't want that energy in your home.

Some may feel innocent but can cause unexpected problems.   My client was given a little heart with "Born to Shop" on it.  Cute, right?  Did I mention she was drowning in debt...because her shopping was out of control?  

This sign was a daily reminder to shop, and so, she did.  Needless to say, that sign left with me!  Happy to report her shopping has slowed way down and she's getting her finances back in control.

Are you a closeted artist?
Don't be afraid to display your own artwork.  It's a wonderful way to express yourself and nurture your creativity.  Creativity feeds our souls.
This is especially important for artists and photographers who want to make a living from their art.  Tucked away art sends its own message; that you are “out of business”.
Symbols Can be Found on Anything
Art doesn’t just hang on the walls.  It can be found on a teapot, in the form of a figurine, written on a piece of wood – anywhere.  It all counts.  

Do you have an area of life that isn’t working the way you want it too?  Take an inventory of the artwork and images you’ve surrounded yourself with; do they represent the things you want in your life?  If not, I invite you to consider removing and replacing with the things you DO want in your life.  Images of love, abundance, success, health…you know, all the good things.

Used with intention, symbols and artwork can be powerful tools for manifestation.
Now that you've looked - any images that you realize are working against you instead for you?