This Aunt's Journey in Gift Giving - It's GO time.

A 3-part series; experiences or stuff for kids. Blog 2/3.

Ta da! I did it; I came up with the perfect Christmas gift for two of my nieces.  My hubby and I were going to solve the one bathroom-lack-of-storage-get-the-kids-out-of-their-parent’s-bathroom dilemma.  We decided to give them an hour of organizing with Eliza Cantlay of Simplicana plus a day of fun where we would shop together for the "Eliza-approved" storage items and then celebrate with dinner!   I really felt like we nailed it!  

In a moment of uncertainty I ran the idea by my sister; she had her reservations. Loved the idea; was concerned about it being a Christmas gift.  Felt like the younger one (8 yrs) wouldn't like the fact she wasn't going to have morepresents to open. 

That really took the wind out of my sails. I really began second guessing myself and agonized over whether or not to give it to them.  In my gut I knew it was right; they would not miss opening more presents Christmas morning.  These kids are very loved and very blessed. Lack of presents was not a concern. 

In the end, I trusted my gut.  Put together a fairly amateurish certificate informing them of their gift of storage shopping and organizing.  Believe me; it looked more like a corporate word document vs. a Christmas gift. And in a moment of inspiration, I put the certificates (one for each of them) in holiday themed CD gift envelopes.   

(Side Note:  the CD envelops were at least 8 years old.  A tiny bit of feng shui de-cluttering in the works!)   

So – what do you think?  Did they love it?  Hate it?  Indifferent?

Nailed it!  They. Loved. It!  

Did I mention they loved it!  The minute the oldest read it she looked up and with the sweetest, biggest smile said “COOL!  I need this!”.   The little one?  If I’m honest, I’m not entirely sure.  She loves her big sis and tends to follow her lead.  Regardless, she too responded very positively.  I'll take it!

Big sigh of relief; looks like the gift was a good one!

What kinds of gifts did you give this holiday season?  Any experiential?  Did you receive any?  

Next – the actual shopping and organizing extravaganza!