Feng Shui Tips to Encourage Healthy and Positive Conversations

It’s an interesting time in our country right now – so much passion and emotion around politics!  Unfortunately, the emotion can take over and get in the way of calm and open conversations.
Let’s move the needle on that by incorporating a few, simple changes to our spaces that promote healthy, positive and productive conversations.  5 Easy tips that encourage social intimacy with families and friends. 
1. Show your Sofa Some Respect
Typically, the sofa is the primary piece of furniture in your space.  Put it in the best possible spot within your conversation area where it has full view of the door.  This is the safest and energetically strongest position, setting the tone for the rest of the room.
Ideally, the rest of the seating will be facing the door as well.  If not possible, strategically place a mirror so the door can be seen in its reflection for the seats that cannot see the door.
2. Select Furniture that is Comfortable
Of course we want our room to be pretty!  We also want to be fully engaged in our conversations instead of distracted because we are so uncomfortable in the furniture.
Is it time to switch around your seating or purchase new?  You’ll know because you are constantly fidgeting and shifting to get comfortable.  Channel Goldilocks and avoid seats that are too deep or too shallow.  Find the ones that are just right. 
Avoid fabrics that are annoying.  Fabric, annoying?  You bet.  Ones that catch your clothing.  You know the type, you shift over and your skirt stays put.  Annoying!   Leathers/fabrics so slick, they are reminiscent of the plastic used to cover grandma’s furniture.  You sit down and slide right off.  Annoying!
Rounded corners on your furniture is best.  Sharp corners or protruding details can be hazardous when brushed up against.  We don’t want our guests to leave bruised.
It’s all about balance.  Find pieces that are pretty and comfortable!
3. Can you see me?
Ensure everyone in the conversation area can make eye contact with each other and nothing is obstructing the view.
4. Light 'er Up!
A gloomy, dark room creates a gloomy, dark mood and translates into gloomy, dark conversations.  See the pattern?  Literally light up your space and light(en) up low energy engagements.  Where necessary, add soft lighting through table lamps, floor lamps and candles.  
5. Less is More!
This is not about advocating a minimalist style sometimes associated with feng shui (unless that’s your thing!).  Feng Shui is all about balance and harmony.  You don’t want your space to be so devoid of color and décor that it feels stark and rigid.  Nor, do you want so much stuff that the things in the room have a "voice" of their own.  Instead of people being fully engaged in conversation with you, they are distracted by all of the stuff.  Keep the things you truly love and display so they can be appreciated.
In a time where communication is more important than ever, check out your space and make sure it’s set up for those healthy, positive and productive conversations.  Simple changes often lead to profound shifts. 
What changes did these tips inspire you to make?